[TFT} Champions and itens infos

Well.. Sorry if has somewhere and I just don't found it. But I miss the option to check the itens and champions infos, specially out of game and somes in-game 1 - Especially for the first games, It's kinda annoying you need to see the champion in the game to know what they do. (I.e: If I never saw a Kayle IG I have no idea what that champion do ) 2 - Alliances info without buying should be nice to start too, the first games I had to buy some champions to just read what "Blademaster / whatever" does 3 - An item sheet without having to open a browser would be nice too. 4 - Heroes range, attack speed ( I have no idea if has differences between champs aspd, like vayne shoots faster than a Graves do ? ) and I'm learning the worst way some champions doesn't attack far as I tought, like Graves is really melee(?)

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