Changes to gameflow are now live!

Hi friends, QA analyst Chupaacabra here. Are you sick of having to re-invite your party members on the end of game screen or when you change game modes? Do you want us to remember your position preferences so you don’t have to keep selecting them when you’re spamming draft games? Hopefully the answer is yes to both because we are fixin’ this stuff. **CHANGE YOUR PARTY’S GAME MODE, NO PROB!** The party captain can change game modes for the party without having to re-invite them. If you’re a party member, you hear a little sound, and BOOP you’re in the new mode. No need to accept another invite. **READY UP WHEN YOU WANT TO ON THE EOG SCREEN!** Party members can now click “Play Again” on the EOG screen to return to the lobby—until you click it, everyone in your lobby will see that you are “not ready”. Click “Play Again”, when you’re “ready” to play. After all party members are ready, the party captain can enter matchmaking. **REMEMBERED POSITION PREFERENCES!** Your position preferences will be remembered through gameflow. So if you’re playing multiple Ranked games (or draft games, anything with position select) we’ll remember your positions from game to game when you click “Play Again”. If you switch between two lobbies with position select (I.E Draft to Ranked Solo) we'll remember that too. You’ll have to pick them again if you quit out of your lobby and create a new one or when you relog. If you run into any problems with lobbies, play again, or position select please post em here and we'll get down to fixing things!

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