New Aatrox toughts, precisely on the art side

Hi all! I'm a release Aatrox player, and here it is my toughts on the art side, and sorry for my crappy english. From the story side, i like the idea in reworking him into a more brutal and angry darkin, cause with the new darkin story they were all annihilated by noxians & co., so it is legit that he is really, REALLY angry. With this, the old calm war sage wasn't fitting well the theme, expecially compared with Rhaast that is angry a-f. I don't really like the voice. A more ravaging voice is good, but maybe it is too much pitched up, considering his size. With the deep background sound effect it sound a little better, but trust me, go hear the italian voice in the italian trailer... it seems a mad 15yo anime boy, and if feels so damn bad. If you are brave, here it is the link for the italian voice -> [Click to be sad, i warned you]( I like a lot the new walking animation with the sword stored on the shoulders, and the 2 handed wielding. Not so much the passive wielding. He miss a running animation, that speedy walking looks like a candid camera. I really DISlike the autoattack on structures animation. It feels you are doing nothing with 450AD to a tower, smashing a piece of paper into it. It has a bad impact on how your attacks works, and it seems to have the problem that old champions have: the inconsistency of the autoattacks. You can't get easily what are you doing and if your attack has done something or not.
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