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Hi. I want talk about Syndra. I was reading this post "http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/03/red-post-collection-quick-gameplay_9.html" and diceded comment my opinion about her. I think that Syndra need other changes instead passive of Q, for example: A - When you have her ult on level 3, the extra range is good but it doesn't feel, maybe this passive have to be change first. B - If you are in level 18 maybe Syndra needs an aditional passive that is consistent with what "Transcendence" means. C - E passive is good but can be better like 360 degrees. Before change Q passive maybe should change some things inside the game, for example: A - When you use combo Q + E and after wanna use W, the first Q is very far and you need to get closer, therefore you lose time and expose yourself a lot, but i am not talking about nerf range of Q+E. B - Sometimes i use the combo R and then use E instantly, but as a result, you move the enemy whit E (no stun) because the balls have not fallen to the ground. But if you wanna change her Q passive maybe should put more duration of ball per level, example, 6 secs - 6.5 secs - 7 secs - 7.5 secs - 8 secs in level 1-2-3-4-5, becusea that seconds are important to use her ult with maximum amount of balls possible. Thank you.

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