Hi ,i've been playing a lot of TFT (well not that much since the nice queue on PBE xd) and i have some ideas for new characters you may like, and hope they add them through the seasons, maybe substituting other champions: **-Fiddlesitcks**: Pirate (Fiddle Me Timbers), Phantom. Ultimate: Silence Crow. Rarity: Epic (purple) **-Illaoi:** Pirate, Brawler, Exile(maybe). Ultimate: Illaoi's R. Rarity: Legendary. **-Twisted Fate**: Pirate (Cutpurse), Sorcerer. Ultimate: Wild Cards or Red Card with higher aoe size. Rarity: Rare (blue) . **-Twitch:** Wild, Gunslinger (Pickpocket) or Ranger. Ultimate: Twitch R and Passive dmg. Rarity: Rare (blue). **-Quiin:** Knight, Ranger (very interesting). Ultimate: Skystrike or passive. Rarity: Epic (purple). **-Orianna:** Robot, maybe Void with the dark star skin idk. Ultimate: Orianna's R. Rarity: Rare(blue). **-Viktor:** Robot, Sorcerer. Ultimate: Viktor's Gravity field or Viktor's R. Rarity: Epic (purple). **-Jayce:** Robot(Full Metal), Shapeshifter, Ranger/Brawler (a unique character). Ultimate: Jayce Hammer form, and Q (to the skies). Rarity: Legendary. **-Rumble:** Robot, Yordle. Ultimate: Rumble's R. Rarity: Uncommon (green). **-Teemo:** Ranger, Yordle, can be demon with Little Devil. Ultimate: Teemo's Q, Blinds 2/3/4 enemies. Rarity: Legendary if demon (maybe) if not Common (grey). **-Vel'Koz**: Void, Sorcerer. Ultimate: Vel'Koz' R. Rarity: Uncommon (green). **-Kai'Sa**: Void, Ranger. Ultimate: Kaisa's Q. Rarity: Legendary (she'is the only void adc, she will benefit a lot from the void class) **-Riven:** Imperial (maybe Crimson Elite ), Exile. Ultimate: Everytime she gets 25% mana she uses a part of her Q, at 100% she stuns with her W. Rarity: Epic (purple) or legendary. **-Kled:** Yordle, Imperial. Ultimate: Kled's W. Rarity: Rare (blue). **-Fizz**: Yordle, Assasin. Ultimate: Fizz' R Rarity: Uncommon (green) **-Nami:**Elementalist, Sorcerer. Ultimate: Nami's R or w. Rarity Uncommon (green) And that's it for the champions, i also want to say some changes that can balance the actual stage of the game: -**Draven** (hope finally balanced): Now he's a legendary, and some damage reduce. **-Swain**: he take the Draven spot becoming epic (purple) not longer a shapeshifter. **-Poppy** (if teemo not legendary yordle): Knight, Yordle, Noble, some hp buffs, now she's legendary. **-Yasuo:** more attack speed. **-Fiora**: more attack speed, New ultimate: Fiora's Q (maybe true dmg) so she's basically a melee lucian now. **-Aurelion Sol:** Less hp, less dmg don't think legendary will matter since people are runing tier 2 Asol or tier 1 Asol with 3 items and winning. Thanks for reading this, i worked so hard and spent a lot of time watching and playing tft. I have some other ideas about a TFT gamemode that i may post later. Have a nice day :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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