Ultra Rapid Fire no random selekt

I do not like the changes to the Game mode. Sins it was first shown to the publik in 01.04.2014 it was changed masavly and not to the better. At first it started with little fings like schampions disablet to play because they are to op but this alrady misses the premise of the game mode. Its ther to be op no reason to disable anyfing. maby make it draft pick so som things THE PLAYERS!! do not like can be band thets it. but this is not the point im attempting to make. I HATE random champion selekt it destroys the howl point of the game mode. wich is to have funn and Playing tristana vs lux in URF IS NOT FUN! But the random selekt made it hapen for my. now People can make the argunent thet choosing your champion is "OP" but not doing it is even wors. Your enemy gets zed and you get jinx super "FUN" besides piking wat is OP is the howl point of URF because this is fun and if you loos but pickt your champion it is non as frustrating as randemly loosing in champion selekt. And no the reerols doesn't make it better its still random i still kan not play the champion i like its not god.

Sory for likely miss spelings English is not my firs language 
i hope this kann change somthin even though im not confident it can
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