Feeback: Blood Moon Aatrox

**I am unable to comment on existing threads but I can make my own. If anyone who can comment sees this, I would greatly appreciate if you could link this or copy it onto the thread so Katey can see it. Thanks. ** Hi Katey, first of all please let the skins team know that they nailed this one. I've been waiting for a new skin for my main for years and the Blood Moon suits him so well and is executed nicely. I also really like how he's more human than in his other skins, it gives him a feel that nothing else in his catalog can pull off. As for feedback, I just have a few points, and everything I say also applies to Prestige. First of all, I think that the visuals for his E AD buff should be more prominent. For example, on Mecha, his Sword and his wings both glow green, and it is striking enough to clearly show when the buff is on and when it's off. For Blood Moon, as far as I've seen only his gauntlet glows, and even then it's not too noticeable. I was thinking that his horns and his "wings" (not the banners, but the solid skeleton portion) could also glow. I feel that this would better emulate how the buff is shown on his other skins. Second, I am a little disappointed that there is no toggle for this skin since all of his others have one. I understand that his wings are part of his model this time, so toggling those doesn't make much sense. A mask toggle is the most obvious other choice, especially since he already has a mask model in his recall. I hope that this can be implemented. Third, I really like the explosion that he does when ulting, however it feels a little odd to me that the Blood Moon effect above his head stays in the initial cast location. Would it be possible to try something where either the effect stays on him for the duration of the R as he moves, or follows him while it's fading out? Thanks again for reading.
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