Eternals should not be disabled on URF if Riot is fine with them enabled on ARAM

So Riot have completely removed Eternals from URF now. You used to at least be able to see progress for an individual game whilst you were in game, but it didn't count towards overall Eternals progression. Now even this has been removed. I can see why Riot might want to disable them on URF. "We want Eternals to be serious, URF would ruin the system as it's too easy to earn progress, etc.". First of all, this needs to be reconsidered. I doubt the community cares strongly about someone having a higher kill/damage score on an Eternal for their champion because they played a few URF games. The numbers are just a show of milestones reached, **they are not a display of mechanics or skill. Like mastery points**, having tons of points only says you've played a lot of games on that champion, it doesn't neccesarily make you Rank 1-10 on that champion in your region. If you really care so much about it being too easy, make the milestones larger so that they take time to earn even in RGMs. But then let's move on to you saying "No, it has to be serious, we're not changing our stance on this", and Eternals remain disabled on URF. Fine, you want eternals to be serious, so they need to be earned in a competitve mode like SR. Then why are they enabled on ARAM?? ARAM will also cause Eternals to progress much faster than SR. You're constantly teamfighting, getting gold and items quicker, and definitely MUCH MORE LIKELY to complete these "Hit multiple enemies" eternals (more likely in ARAM even than URF, cause everyone is forced into one lane all the time, players can still be in other lanes in URF and don't have to 5v5 teamfight). By the logic of "URF would ruin the system as it's too easy to earn progress", so would ARAM. So why are eternals fine on ARAM but not on URF? It's either: * You don't want people to cheat the system, so Eternals are disabled on BOTH modes OR * You're happy with Eternals on ARAM for some reason, so there's no reason not to also include them on URF as the "faster progress" argument doesn't apply anymore It should definitely be the second option. It's bad enough that Eternals are behind a paywall, and non-SR players already have to deal with the news of much less/no more RGMs and TT being removed. Please don't restrict their options further by removing Eternals for ARAM/URF. But for whatever reason Eternals are enabled on ARAM, please do the same for URF

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