Toxic People

Okay, I really, really thought EUW was toxic, but it is a joke compared to this server. Everyone is flaming for the smallest things, explaining that they are flaming you now because they had bad teammates before or that you suck because you don't know how to play a champion in an all random gamemode.^^ I don't know, but I guess a lot people abusing the fact that you can get free skins entered the PBE now and its kind of,,,, annoying, because you can't have a game anymore without a toxic person. It sounds rude but sometimes I feel surrounded by 12 year olds. Sure, it's easy to /mute all but it's just stupid, because why does a person has to be like that? And even if you report them, it doesnt matter because no one is getting banned anyway:P Well, I guess thats,,, annoying? {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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