Pulsefire Thresh (+Prestige) Needs Work Desperately

I've been one of the fans of the Prestige skins since their release. Its sorta in the name I adopted as an Evelynn main. I don't quite own all of them, but the whole gold/white scheme is one I am SUPER fond of. I was so excited so see a support, nevertheless Thresh of all champions getting a soon-to-be prestige skin. I was wondering, are they going to do him for Snowdown? A sudden Coven drop? Some other off skin line? I see Pulsefire Thresh drop on the surrender@20 page. While I was a bit confused by the choice in skin line, the splash art looked initially promising. I immediately sent the post to my friend who is a 500k point Thresh main who's been playing for maybe 3-4 seasons. He has the same reaction I did to the splash art. The art looks amazing! The ethereal/technical look the art gives off is stunning. ...and then we see the model in game. He actually is a fan of it to start, the effects look dope in my own opinion. However, the model for both versions of the skin need some serious revision. The "bird like" head isn't the part that made me upset. The hair noodles he has look like a texture issue (seriously, I had flashbacks to when KDA Eve first dropped and her textures were bugged out). The lantern looks like a plastic chew toy for a large dog. While the head itself doesn't look bad, it looks like it's supposed to be part of a different model altogether. The effects on the base skin look AMAZING, but they do NOT look good on top of what looks like a seriously rushed model. I've seen edits of the skin without the head and it almost looks better without because there was clearly no work done made to make the unit cohesive with all of the assets for it. These problems are only ENUMERATED with the Prestige skin. The lantern OBVIOUSLY looks ripped from Dark Star Orianna, hell for a second I wondered if it was even a unique asset. (Pull them up side by side, Ori's ball actually is of WAY higher quality anyways. Ori's actually has smooth edges, and curves, Thresh's has hard edges and looks like a knockoff brand of whatever other Pulsefire gear the other skins have. Considering how old that Ori skin is now, that has to be a joke.) The ult cast on Prestige is a disaster, both to visually read in combat as while as when slowed down to see what it is. The prestige lantern when thrown out looks like some black scribbles around a plastered sun. Its actually horrendous. The hook cast is literally ORANGE, on a skin that is supposed to be either blue, white, or GOLD? The only ability that looks good on the Prestige variant is the Flay, which is only good because of the effects that were made for the base skin anyways! For comparison on how gold could be handled on a technological skin like this, I would seriously have whoever is working on it take a look at Project: Irelia, because that skin is executed so much better, both for clarity in combat as well as just for visual enjoyment. Overall, my friend and I are some of the few that actually have faith in this skin, especially with how great the splash art and visual effects on the base skin are, but the model and prestige version need some serious adjustments because without them the skin is a mess to look at in teamfights, and underwhelming to any potential user. This skin NEEDS one of two things: More time, and some TLC, or to be sent off to where ever the Sewn Chaos skins are sitting. In the void I guess..? EDIT: To see a lot of my complaints about the colors/effects on the Prestige skin specifically, check the still images on the Surrender@20 post, they do an excellent job of showcasing color inconsistencies, strange particles, and ugly textures.
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