Dark Harvest 1.5 second reset is a silly nerf

Hi, So I'll start by saying the flat damage on proc thing is a bad idea, as anyone that can proc it easily early will no longer need to stack damaging stats. I'm talking about a return of tank Fizz and Ekko, which I doubt many people would want. I understand the desired effect of the rune was for snowballing, but now it seems to just be a suppliment to allow people to build tanker. But that being said what's worse is the 1.5 second reset on kill. It removes the wrong champions from using it that would use it well. Diana and Vel'koz were two that would hugely benefit from the rune, with Diana finally having a way to build more tanky stats without suffering from negligible damage, and Vel'koz having a keystone that syndergizes with his ult combo hitting multiple people, to name just two. In short it's been nerfed for those that do some burst to several champions while keeping it on those that do burst to single target. Seems like a weird group of champions to target nerf while others that are from the same "pool" will still be able to use it effectively (Fizz, Ekko, Zed, Talon, Xerath etc etc etc). Does anyone have any context for this very strange nerf? Cheers, Loki
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