Who gets accepted in the PBE?

For nobody it's a surprise that the League of Legends' community is one of the most toxic comunities in all games, especially if you come from a server such as LAN or LAS. The ammount of people insulting, flaming, and being toxic in general there is absurdly high. You can even tell when the player is from one of those servers while playing in the PBE by their toxic behaviour (in addition to be talking in spanish). Considering the fact that you need a certain ammount of honor in order to get into PBE, it really makes you wonder how so many toxic playes still get their hands into this server. Starting from behaviour like dodging because you dont get your champ, to people telling others to kill themselves... All kind of toxic behaviour is seen in the PBE. I know for a fact that some people I know in real life who had several accounts banned because of toxic behaviour had the acceptance into the PBE... Do you think RIOT should implement a different way to recruit people into the server? How do you think toxic behaviour should be handled in the PBE?

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