More of what I am thinking for the new HUD [job at riot now?]

So I did a little "tweaking on the new overlay and came up with something that, I think, is a bit better than the current iteration. I am looking for an IT design job right now Riot ;) {{champion:112}} I did the best I could with some photoshoping. Let me know what you guys think. The map is overall bigger compared to the original. I think it works better for the eye. I didn't add numbers on the hp and mp bars, but i could easily do that. The text doesn't really play well in PS when really small. original: New version: Edit: Newer version - I could probably tinker with the summoners and time positions and make it a littler better, but its enough to get the idea. Edit: Version 4 - moved the team info to the bottom left corner, simplified the center stats, moved the Time and CS and B icon to the left by the character stats, took out shadows to flatten it Edit: Version 5 - Based on feedback, people have said about spacing, reducing the size, etc. This time I relocated the champion info to the bottom left, heavily reduced the size of the middle HUD element, and added the gold amount back to the middle HUD. I made this one so small because I play with my HUD at 35 size on live now (very tiny), and wanted to represent what I would actually play with if it was on live. The text made not be super readable, but riot has their font they ose, and you can see it on live at that size, so bare with me.
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