Adds a snowball,removes 71 champions?Whichever genius came up with this should be ashamed of himself

@Riot seems stubborn thinking that it is a great idea to reuse an old map skin, force us to use the same skins everytime, and give us a snowball at the cost of removing 71 SEVENTY ONE champions!!! That's over 50% of the champion roster!!! WOW GUYS LOOK AT ALL THE SNOW! WOW SNOW CHAMPION SKINS I AM 12 BTW AND THIS LOOKS AWESOME!! WHO CARES ABOUT GAMEPLAY OR VARIANCE I JUST CAME HERE TO LOOK AT THOSE SNOWY ABILITIES ON A WHITE MAP GIVING ME ZERO CLARITY AND NOT CONTRIBUTING TO ANY ADDITIONAL DEPTH TO MY GAME! WOW THEY ALSO MANAGED TO SNEAK IN EVERY SINGLE OBNOXIOUS CHAMPION THAT IS HILARIOUS! fiddle/fizz/irelia/jax/kassadin/lulu/malzahar/shaco/teemo/veigar/warwick/shen 20% of the champion pool are anti fun champions! But Duel, this is not ARURF, this is Snow ARURF !!!11!one!! (waiting for sarah to comment here and get downvoted to death) Call it whatever you want, if this dumpster version of ARURF gets through we will be seeing the Original ARURF even less because even though they are different versions dumpster ARURF will be replacing every original ARURF each december. Whoever decided to limit the champion pool should be Sanjuroed and then we gucci. I am preparing my popcorn and can't wait to see the backlash by the community after they ship in this downgraded garbage arurf into the live servers.
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