Jungling in URF can doom a player to a bad game, and I think it needs to be addressed

In one of (if not the) most snowball oriented game modes of all time, players are being forced into 2v1 lanes by a teammate who wants to jungle. I'm not opposed to the act of jungling. But when you aren't premade you can be stuck dying under turret, and getting blamed for the two fed enemies by the entire team. Meanwhile Nasus, or Yi, or whomever decided to leave you to suffer just free farms and sets up for a decent (not even especially great) mid game. One Jungler I talked to even acknowledged that it ruins a player's game, but they were tired of laning with bad players so they just exclusively jungle instead. I don't know how I would see the problem solved personally. But I do think there should be _something_ done in some future URF iteration that might alleviate the situation. Maybe an antithesis to sanguine blade so there's some chance in a 1v2, or some stronger turret plates up top lane to keep the enemy from smashing the whole turret at 4 minutes, or maybe just don't make the level gap grow so ridiculously fast. URF is supposed to be a fun game mode, so I understand that it isn't a pressing issue. However, I think that this type of frustrating situation is a good example of why some people leave with URF. Get a couple games of solo top, mix in some games of _really_ bad luck comps, and you can have hours of frustrating, unrewarding gameplay. (Also, nerf URF Yuumi)

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