After opening 100 Hextech Chests, Here is what I have found:

Hextech Loot Data - Google Sheets
Linked is my data. The total numbers and my comments are on the front tab, the raw data is on the second tab. You need to scroll over to see it all. **For Riot:** 1. ** A couple of skins use the wrong icon in the Loot sidebar.** (Harbinger Kassadin uses Deep One, Sweeper Alistar uses Infernal, there are probably others) 2. I got 28 champions, but no 450s. With a sample size of 28, this is unlikely, but not hugely. Was this intentional? 3. Opening this many chests was quite a grind... The animation is gorgeous, but it got tedious around the 20th chest. An option to skip the animation or to mass open would be greatly appreciated. **For Players:** * The Essence costs are consistent with the RP costs For Champions, the Upgrade costs are: 1. 450 IP: I did not get any. 2. 1350 IP: 193 Champion Essence 3. 3150 IP: 261 Champion Essence 4. 4800 IP: 290 Champion Essence 5. 6300 IP: 322 Champion Essence For Skins, the upgrade costs are: 1. 520 RP: 172 Cosmetic Essence 2. 750 RP: 248 Cosmetic Essence 3. 1350 RP: 446 Cosmetic Essence 4. 1820 RP: 601 Cosmetic Essence 5. 3250 RP: 1073 Cosmetic Essence Ward Skins: 1. 640 RP: 211 Cosmetic Essence The Frequency Breakdown goes something like this: 1. Champion Shards: ~28% * Champions appeared to be randomly, so no particular price category was favored, except for that I did not get any 450 IP champions. 2. Skins Shards: ~58% * Same here. Note that all legacy skins are very much included. I presume achievement skins (like victorious) are not included. 3. Ward Skin Shards: ~4% * Legacies are included. 4. Materials: ~10% * There seem to be two types of rewards in this category: a Rare Gem, which gives you a random reward (which can be another material), and 150 Cosmetic Essence, which gives you a Summoner Icon (duplicate summoner icons are made avalable as loot for disenchanting or re-rolling).

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