Kayle got so much attention and Morgana deserves some too

This rework in general was already one-sided. It was like only Kayle was reworked. And now she is getting new VFX to some of her skins. Don’t get me wrong, of course she can. There is nothing wrong with that but Morgana really deserves some more attention to her as well. I already wrote a lot about Blackthorn. I won’t be talking about it. I don’t like the skin anymore so I just won’t be using it. And I also wrote about how I don’t like her tail on some of her other skins like Ghost Bride and Bewitching. Others wrote a lot about these as well but Riot doesn’t want to fix them appearantly. People also asked for some new VFX on Sinful Succulence but it was said that she looked fine so no, no changes to that neither even though it’s a 975rp skin. I don’t understand. Then what is even the difference between this and other lower priced skins. Why does it cost 975rp? It cost more but changes NOTHING. Baker Pantheon is in the same skin line and costs exactly the same and it has some really nice pastry effects. Even the other cheap Culinary skins have effects here and there. It doesn’t have to have a quality of a 1350rp skin or even some other 975rp skins but it deserves SOME change, ANY change to justify the skins price. Just this please. Nothing else but some basic VFX to make this skin deserve the money. The rp prices were increased anyways. Everything costs more now. Just a few effects to justify the price and help make the skin live to its dream. * Recolor her abilities to black so that it looks smoke-ish. She sucks at cooking so it makes sense for her abilites to have burned, charred effects. The W would look amazing imo. * Give her shield Baker Pantheon’s pastry effects. Just copy paste them please. I would even ask for them to be burned a little and look poorly made but that might be asking for too much. The same flying cookies, croissants and donuts around her E shield and its perfect. https://i.imgur.com/FLjvyDs.jpg[/img] Yes, this is it! Nothing more is needed. Just this much to make this skin good. Please, she deserves this much. You guys do new effects like in 2 days. Just a recolor and a copy paste to make this skin good. Please...
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