Toxic players, inters, trollers...etc

Will Riot do anything about players that are verbally abusing someone, trolling, griefing? I think not. I sent a ticket to report 2 players who verbally abused me and my team and were very racist. They said that they will check out those players and thanked me for reporting them, though I doubt it they punished them, I think Riot really does not care how players act on PBE, they only care about us players to test new stuff. In URF game I just played I had Anivia who was trolling, placing walls so we can't move, no one said anything to her, nor she said something, she just started to troll. I'm sick of this players, how can they be so stupid to ruin fun of others. And at the end when I recalled to base, that Anivia player just started to place walls in fountain so we can't leave, this happened like 2-3 times when I had Anivia on my team. I swear I will dodge the game if I see someone have Anivia in my team.
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