PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe

https://imgur.com/caJu8wv _A member of the ancient, first group of Star Guardians, Zoe’s heart desired not love, but chaos -- twisting her newfound power into a malignant expression of cosmic madness. After numberless eons of hunting the First Star’s chosen, she has finally come to Valoran City, hoping to destroy the latest generation of Guardians as she has countless others._ "Starlight is an expression of something inside bursting to get out!" * New model and textures: Evil has never worn such an innocent face. * New VFX: If you enter her Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E), falling asleep is probably the least of your worries. * New SFX and VO lines: The sweet sound of sinister… and of your doom. * New animations and rig: Where does she come from? Star Guardian Zoe’s new Recall (B) gives a peek into the darkness in the world between worlds. Star Guardian Zoe is slated as an Epic skin priced at 1350RP (subject to change) and is now available on PBE! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! All bug reports and thoughts help us make these skins even more awesome, so please keep 'em coming! Thanks, cuties! <3
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