[GAMEPLAY] Jhin's new bullet visual (under his health bar) concerns

Coming with the new health bar update, Jhin's bullet (reload) mechanic visual under his health bar has changed too. It looks like Graves' one, literally a drawing of a bullet under the health bar. https://i.imgur.com/a/wX2Yk.jpg In my opinion, I really don't like this change because now it's hard for me to see how many more bullets do I need to fire before having my fourth shot activated. I don't play Graves so I never really get used to his visuals. The little drawings of the bullet could blend in the environment or other in game features and could be misleading. (They look like extremely tiny peanuts, really :/) I seriously strongly suggest to revert this change, back to his 3 thin yellow bars and 4 slightly larger bar for his fourth shot (just like Annie's stun, or Jhin's current live visual). https://i.imgur.com/poCnay2.jpg Please please please consider to revert this change.
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