Not locking in = queue dodge

This new draft looks fine, even good if I'm being honest but the one problem I am really seeing with it is the issue of how if you hover a champion (Click to choose but don't fully lock in) and don't press the "Lock In" button then it counts as a queue dodge and you get a wait timer because you apparently "Dodge". If this goes to live servers I'm positive many people who haven't had the option to play on PBE which many people don't get the opportunity to it will cause many "dodges" and people will be given wait timers that were not deserved mainly because they were still picking or just forgot to press "Lock In" and went to say a different tab waiting for game to load (Something I'm guilty of myself) This could especially cause problems in ranked for LP etc.. In all I'm just thinking that while I'm okay with the changes other then how confusing on your first try. that riot should change it so that hovering a champ is OKAY and will not cause a dodge
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