Dear Riot you've made your last mistake

I Hope this gets millions and millions of down votes if that's what you wanna do.....But over the past 2 week my computer has been running slower and slower. The cause of which i've traced back to The League of legends as a whole idk what the hell yall did with this last patch cycle but you've been legit D dosing me and i've already started looking into getting lawyer for this crap. The System lag caused by your game has cause system errors and critical updates to fail on my computer which caused damage to hardware i've had to go out of pocket to fix......It's also illegal asf to openly blame my hardware which you've done countless times. I've been playing league since the very beginning.....You guys never take responsibility for nothing just push it onto your player base or orgs that operate inside your company. you guys openly blame everyone but yourselves when you are the only consistent problem in every equation.
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