Little Legends

First of all, I wanna say how much I love the whole little legends idea and creativity around them. They are adorable, and the fact we can have them on Aram just makes my heart tickle. {{sticker:sg-lux}} This is also why the way they are executed makes me so sad. I understand they are little money makers, but it is going a bit far in my opinion. Not only do we get a overflow of new content in the form of skins, events, passes, chromas, prestige, borders etc. every month. In pretty big waves that is. The little legends are a big rng raffle and the only way to lvl them up is to buy more raffle eggs. The fact that we cannot choose which little legends we want to roll for, is slightly odd to me. Not only do the legends have multiple skins of every one to raffle between, but we also only have the choice to have a 1 in 3 chance to actually get that type of legends, and then a 1 in 6 chance to get a colour we want. Which actually ain't 1 in 6, cause 3 of those skins are rare. To make it worse we have to drop that skin 2x to lvl it up once. I had to buy 23 capsules (2x 11 + 1 random) To get even close to getting a nice rank 3 skin. I have not received a single drop of the actual skin I wanted. That would be nearly 70 euro and still not a drop I wanted. Add this up with all the new content coming out like a tsunami. I still have to be able to eat and pay the rent? And I am not someone who buy ALL the new content, just the stuff I like and use. Second. The whole buy more to lvl up little Legends does not make sense to me. They are the 'players' of the new TFT. Why will they not lvl up by playing a lot of games? We would be able to show off our veteran plays with lvl'd up legends. If we choose to not want to play ranked in TFT. Right now they are only a mark of, how much money do I want to spend on this adorable Legend. I really wish they would lvl up by the amount we play, just like the rank will show how good we are. And how Champion mastery shows how much we played with that champion. As off right now my biggest wish would be. Lvl up Little Legends with amount of games played. Also specific eggs for the legend we wanna hoard skins of. (silverwing egg, hauntling egg etc.) I normally never write big reviews like this, and I am not good at them, but the way little legends work really hit me hard like a brick truck. Thankyou for reading and please bear with my English and bad Dutch manners. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}

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