Diana changes are not good and will only hurt her more

Q changes are terrible so far with it being much more curved meaning it is much easier to dodge. It also takes longer since it has to meet that bend to get to it's destination. Can we please get a missile speed buff to compensate? R change is MEH at best. This affects nothing except when in melee range for QRR when your auto attack timer isnt off CD yet. But this for almost any other range is worthless because of passive + E passive. Not to mention the removal of RQ. While apparently it is still possible, it is much harder to do now. Other people have expressed their disdain for this change and I agree with them. Diana has a VERY simple engage pattern, one of if not the most easiest to see engages in the game. When she hits Q you know shes gonna go in or stay out if she doesnt feel safe. All it takes to bait diana is get Q'd and walk back as she chases you for the predicable R and then your follow from whoever usually means free kill. There are solutions to this, either give diana an escape which is a terrible idea or give her a way to get her damage more reliably or different ways to get her damage. What are my proposed changes? Increase Q missile speed Let R keep attack reset as it shoulda been something from the start. Increase R range by a LITTLE Give Diana back her base attack speed before the Moonsilver blade rework Increase her base ad per level so she can actually last hit like other champions considering she is melee Wishful thinking buff would be: Put AS passive from E onto passive as a whole and have it scale with level instead of E level and have E passive be, "Spells give you 1 stack of moonsilver" Diana doesnt need any damage buffs. Its the last thing she needs. Just QoL buffs and survivability buffs. Dear, Concerned {{champion:131}} main. PS. I am still not authorized...
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