PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Icon/Wards Collections

Hello everyone! Riot Mort here with a long desired feature finally coming to League. In Collection, we’ve added tabs for Summoner Icons and Ward Skins! Yes, you can finally see your Ward Skin collection from outside Champ Select. https://i.imgur.com/9y1VaZB.png We’ve added some key features into these collections that we’d love some feedback on. _-Descriptions _- When you mouse over an icon or ward, it should tell you where it came from or how it was acquired. -_Sorting_ - From sets to alphabetical to release date, you can sort these collections in a variety of ways. -_View Unowned _- You can take a look at all the existing icons/wards you don’t have, and even look into League’s history. But probably the biggest new feature here is **rarity**. Now icons and wards have been assigned a rarity based on how difficult to acquire they were. -**Ultimate (Orange)** - The rarest tier. For extremely difficult accomplishments or exclusive participation. -**Mythic (Purple)** - Icons that took a lot of effort to achieve, or show a high level of time commitment or skill. -**Epic (Blue)** - Icons that came as part of a limited time bundle, or showing high participation/skill. **-Rare (Green)** - Legacy icons, bundled icons, event participation, eSports event icons, and other skill/participation icons. -**Normal (No color)** - Purchased, given, eSports, or participation. https://i.imgur.com/qYW2Ewb.png Which icons/wards are in each category is purposely left to be fluid and open to interpretation. However we really want feedback on this, so if you feel a specific icon isn’t in the right category or something else just doesn’t feel right, let us know. We think this feature is important moving forward, and we want to get it right for you guys. Thanks everyone. And have fun on PBE!

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