We love(ed) Login Screen Animations and Songs

I've read it already in some preview from the dev team but when I updated the PBE client i knew it is already here... the new login screen... I realy like those login screen animations for new champions. i still remember "Here comes Vi" which made me wait several minutes before loging in or threshs ultra creepy music which made me freak out while updating in the back and suddenly it started playing. i understand that shifting the resources away from something people only see a short time makes sence but still i think it is sad. not all login screens were worth the amount of work (i can remember a few who only were used for a week or two and then switched back to the newest champion) but at least for every new champion would be nice. me and my friends and a few strangers i asked in games agreed on the fact, that it is a loss for League of Legends. Not a major on but something more of league which dies. and this in the 10th anniversary.

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