Just Don't Get It

Ok, so i'm gonna make this a little rant/need an explanation paragraph cause just like everyone else I'm trying to get kai'sa cause I'm always looking for new content to play with and potentially fall insanely in love with like I did Kayn. I fell in love with his play style and mechanic that I picked him up and flew him into rank 7 on my main account for live servers. Now I know im not some diamond or God at the game, but I still enjoying playing so as i'm writing this I'm sitting on a queue dodge timer for 20 mins cause Riot for some reason, im mean i hope there's a super great reason for throwing out blind pick cause If you're not first pick you're not getting the new champ period. Cause even if you do I can almost bet my whole right hand on the chances of someone dodging cause again we all wanna try out the sweet new content to see if we like it and we want to take it farther than just testing it. I just think it's dumb that the PBE doesn't have a blind so that not just one, but both teams could have a kai'sa and 2 people each game are able to play her. Because hey im not saying that oh me, myself, and I, are gonna like her cause hey maybe I will maybe I won't but its so dumb that I have to wait almost a week after her drop to have a decent chance at getting her. Let me state once more that this is my opinion on the matter so yeah I know Riot has their reasoning as to why this is the way it is, or maybe I just haven't paid attention to hear about why it got disabled, but hopefully one of the good souls here will have an answer. Thanks for taking the time to read what I had on my mind and I'd love to hear your opinion on the subject to. Thanks! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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