Conqueror (Experimental New Rune)

Math on New Rune
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Did some math on the new rune Conqueror and wanted to share my thoughts. I feel the damage Increase is a bit high in first place: PTA is currently buffed on PBE (8-12% damage increase for 6 seconds after procing) Conqueror matches PTA's Level 1 Damage Increase if the target has only 40 total armor And it matches PTA's Level 18 Damage Increase if the target has 60 armor PTA does 40-180 proc damage and Conqueror gives 10-60 AD (both based on Level) These aspects probably are different portions of the total runes power (in other words if **For example** 80% of PTA's power is in its proc then of course its damage increase is going is be a lot smaller than Conqueror if Conqueror on the other hand only has 20% of its power in its AD buff) (this example is extreems and probably isn't the case in reality and was just used to explanatory effect) Despite this I think the point remains. Based on this I feel this new rune makes building more then 1 armor item on divers / bruisers / juggernauts feel really bad. In my opinion, I feel it makes it feel worse then I should. In my opinion, If you chose to run PTA, I feel its better to jut get randuins omen for the adc and build more damage to kill the adc faster and keep up with Conqueror users (whether they are jungle or top lane) I would love any Thoughts anyone has. Or Questions. Spreadsheet Data: (feel free to make a copy and poke around)

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