Lets All gather and Vote to redo project vi skin

today i log in to the pbe to try the new vi skin , from the first look i said "this is not a project skin". Her Q animation look decent , the rest disappointing. lets pause for a second and look at project vayne, looks amazing feel amazing , the animation so smooth. overall 100% the best skin atm in league. at the other hand we have jhin and vi ... omg where do i start !!!! its simple the project team used all their resources on vayne the left use it for vi and jhin. i am beyond disappointing, as a vi main i would rather have riot delete the skin and redo it ( or don't i really don't care ) then have it go to live server. 1 more thing, vi hair is pink her clothes are pink, why give her yellow theme ???????????.give her theme for the love of god. finally sorry for my bad english.
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