(TFT) improve the AI decision making for ults for Ahri, Veigar, Lucian

These are all champs that pretty consistently under-perform compared to alternatives in their class. And, all three of them are very frustrating to watch, because of their ults which are already weak (ahri, veigar) or whose strength depends on how its used (lucian, veigar) consistently dissapoint. Ahri: - she will ult the spot where a unit just walked away from, dealing zero damage - she will ult the spot after a unit was displaced or dashed away from the spot - like, her mana will fill after the walk, dash or displacement, it's so bad - likewise, she will ult the spot of a unit that died a half second ago - she will ult targetting a unit outside the ult range - she will be attacking someone to death and if she ulted it, it'd die, but instead, she ults a random other unit - and it has zero consistency, sometimes it seems like she wants to ult a close enemy and does, sometimes it seems like she'll ult a distant enemy and does, sometimes it seems like she'll ult who she's focusing or who is low and does, but more often than not she won't do any of that and just ults randomly. seriously if you give ahri some consistency and/or smarter decision making, she will imediately become much more viable, even without needing to think about damage or mana or base attack speed. Veigar: - he literally ults a random target. could be a full health 3 star target, doesn't matter, he doesn't care. - I know it seems powerful that he can execute a unit outright, or that he does 300/450/600 damage wow so much... but every other mage can do damage similar to him to multiple enemies. they do more damage to him because it is splash damage. - so many units have smart casting on their ults. see list below {{champion:136}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:19}} - honestly blitz crank is a more reliable "delete" champion than veigar right now. give him sojin, death cap and he will outperform veigar on any build. Please let veigar prioritize someone who he can delete. maybe consider having him prioritize someone attacking him too. maybe consider having him prioritize like leona, half the time she hits their dps. Lucian: all he needs is to consistently dash away from the enemies and/or behind allies. So many times I see him dash into the enemies! He loses DPS to dash right now, it just feels so bad and he has meaningful dps just a small QOL modification to make his ult more reliable would make him a unit worth investing in.
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