Things I noticed with One For All + Ideas to maybe lower the issues with it

*EDIT* A better understanding of what I mean for the idea: No more 'voting phase'. Keep ban Phase You get in Queue, accept queue pop, you go into ban phase* then ONE champion is rolled for the whole team. *maybe* you could implement a "Team vote" to "REROLL" one time the champion randomly if said champion is bad. You vote for a reroll then reroll and then count down to enter game. This is just my opinion, please respect it. I'm open to suggestions if people see 'flaws' in my idea. That's okay. But at least read it and don't assume I'm saying to remove Summoner's Rift from the mode - because I'm not. So, I have been trying out the newer One For All and I'm really happy it's back. If I could actually play it, that is. The problem that I'm noticing and 'sure', maybe this is just because it's PBE, but I doubt it as I experience dodges on the normal server when it comes to ARAM. Well.. maybe not as harshly as it used to be (before the rerolls), but I can at least get into a game on normal server. For PBE - I was just in queue and at least 4-5 different people have dodged; and by the next dodge, I just decided to log. I feel this will be about the same result on normal server because of the voting stage. So, my idea. I think you need to do away with the "voting". *OR - maybe they can add a 'vote' to reroll the champion 1 time, or two times like ARAM and then we get a chance at a 'better', or .... worse champion but that's the risk we take with a TEAM REROLL* You can keep the bans because that will be helpful for those super super OP Champions (ie: Veigar, those stuns. D: and insta kill ults D: ), but how about putting One For All on the Howling Abyss (Don't you guys remember the 5v5 BlitzCranks when One For All First came out? It was a lot of fun! Super funny and the mode was so much more enjoyable.); also IF there are people that enjoy it on Summoner's Rift, hear me out. They can keep it on Summoner's Rift too. BUT Get rid of voting. Keep the bans. THEN Randomize the champions that we're to get. Minus the 10 that were banned. OH AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, RIOT. PLEASE. PLEASE make everyone ban 1 champion, if someone does not ban. Please have them removed from Queue and start the Queue over. People not banning is just because they don't want to ban a champion when they should. + they make us wait all the way to the end of the counter, so they should just ban a champion instead of wasting it. I have played at least 10 games and not one time have I gotten a champion that I've wanted to play even when the champion percentage was in my favor because someone picked the same champion as me (not even as duo), and that's okay. I'm glad they made it where others get a chance to play a champion, but guess what? If my champion is picked. Someone dodges. I've only dodged one game because the teammates were being super obnoxious and toxic in the chat before the game even started so I just left because I wasn't really wanting to play with those types of teammates. This would stop the constant games where we're playing the same champions over and over again with the 'voting'. I've played Kai'Sa twice. MF 3 times and a few other games were actual single games where I hadn't played those champions yet. (Graves, for instance was a new one for me.) This would stop the games from being so repetitive too; I mean... ARURF has been kind of bad so take this as practice to fix it with One For All, because it needs to be MORE random. I am sure you can figure this out to get it where it's not the same champions every time. Anyways, I know this won't stop the dodges completely. But maybe it will make them less harsh. Also - then people can't spam the chats with "PICKKKKKKKKKKKK KAI'SA/MF/FIORA" Or "insert champion name here". :/
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