Why are we changing jungle exp?

it is already less than solo laners with the sole exception of lvl 3 so now it takes one camp to get to lvl 2 and THREE camps to get to lvl 3? that is going to fuck up every single jungler with a weak lvl 2 and im not talking about ganking it will also mean the enemy jungler can flat out get level 2 from his buff then run straight at you in your jungle and kill you while u are stupidly low because you have to take THREE FUCKING CAMPS to hit lvl 3. on top of this it means you cant do a "blue gromp wolves to hit 3" it means raptors are going to be stupid hard for most champs scuttle now gives LESS exp and takes LONGER. like seroiuly this is a horrendous change once we hit lvl 3 then we have access to our full kits save for ulti but you are goiung to force a very specific route that is going to be EASILY predictable and EASILY stopped by the enemy jungler and ANY champ that has a lvl 2 jungle powerspike is going to fuck up any other champions this is beyond stupid
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