My thoughts on the new healthbars

So i decided to share my initial thoughts on the healthbars that were introduced on PBE. Just FYI, i currently use monitor with 2560x1080 resolution, so my opinion on them might be different than yours. The champions healthbars definitely needs some more work. I think that the idea that you are trying to push with them is good, but the execution is "off". For me the things that need to get looked on first is: * Square box with level in it; * healthbar itself; * Damage flash effect. Now for the square i believe that level in the box is too small - the font should be bigger than it is now. Now the color inside it could use some tweeking on both sides of the teams. Ally team should have lighter blue inside it instead of the dark-greyish color it haves now. Enemy team color should've been red, like it is on live patch, not this mushup of red and grey. Healthbar's height is way to tall - it would look lees massive and a lot cleaner when it would've been shorter. Another problem i have is the divider used now. With current colors it's hard to see how many HP both ally and enemy haves. Either color scheme should be changed (ligher blue/green for allies, lighter red for the enemies) or the dividers themselfes thicker. I believe that the flash effect after dealing or taking damage is dissapearing too quickly. I know that you're trying to make burst and little damage more distinct, but the way it is now you can blink and then wonder "where did my healthbar go?". The damage should dissapear more slowly than now - not much, 0.2 second should do the trick. Plus it shouldn't dissapear near instantly, only gradually, the way it is on live servers. Both structures and monsters healthbars are great piece of work. The only problem i have is how fast damage dealt dissapears. It should be like on live servers - gradually dissapearing, not near instantly. Thank you for reading my take on the new healthbars. I hope some of my points will be taken into consideration. Keep doing the good work!
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