Regarding Akali and heal return in some form being back on the table

Hello PBE testers and potentially rioters. I read a post on twitter by Squad5lol (Blake Smith) who is in charge of akali balancing and as he mentioned a return of the heal is possible if they find a more controlled version of it that benefits mid I decided to throw in my bit. **You can read the [full post]( I made on the akali mains reddit but I can give you the TL DR:** #Healing on Akali should go back to being vamp type as it will be better for mid laners and easier to balance. * The reason being that if Akali does 500 spell damage on a 20MR mid laner (after pen calculation) it ends up in 400 DMG done to said mid laner and if you heal for 20% of that (not a true value just example) you will heal for 80 HP. * Meanwhile that same 500 spell damage against a 100MR Tank or bruiser top ends up in 250 DMG done to them and if you were to heal for 20% of that it would be 50HP (pretty much 38% less healing) Mid laners do more damage than top laners but are squishier. If akali heals based on her stats alone (her level AP and AD) her heal does not interact with the type of oponent she is facing. You heal the same amount vs tanks who do less damage as you do against mid laners who do a ton of damage. That makes it impossible to balance a heal to the point where it feels good on a mid lane Akali without completely nulifying the trade damage she takes in top lane against a tank. This is the first lever for balancing a heal in her kit. The 2nd one is not for the type of oponent she faces but for the type of build she does as there are 3 versions of Akali based on what items and runes she picks up (Assassin, BRUISER, TANK): _** What I mean is that she should have Vamp type healing but it should also not be a flat % but a scaling one (scales with AD harder than AP as her spells scale better with AP than AD) **_ The reason to do that is so an Assassin Akali with high AP and AD stats has lets say 30% vamp. While a bruiser has 20% vamp (as they have some defense mixed in) and a Tank ends up with 10% (not real numbers just for example) What is the logic behind this you would say? The logic is that: * an assassin Akali with zero Armor and MR (she won't be zero but this is for example and enemies do have penetration) ends up taking pure damage from spells. So if you hit her with a 500 DMG spell she loses 500 HP. Then she hits you and heals for 30% of that 500 (easy calculations) which ends giving her 150 HP back. Now if you were to hit her again you only need 150DMG to remove what she healed. * a bruiser Akali will have 100 armor and MR (not real numbers) she will take only 250DMG from your 500 DMG spell. But then when she hits you for 500 DMG she will get only 100HP. (as she has less vamp) Now to remove that 100 HP she healed for you have to do 200 DMG (because she has more resistances) * Tank Akali with 200 armor/mr you hit her for 500 dmg she takes only 165 DMG. She then does 500 DMG to you and heals only for 50HP (cause she barely has AD and AP so 10% vamp). To remove that 50 HP she gained however you gotta do 150 DMG to her. Do you see where I am getting at? Assassin will heal for obscene amounts but she can lose that HP just as fast. Bruiser heals balanced and loses HP slower. Tank barely gains HP but loses it really hard. The thing is there is also the DPS to consider. Assassin will output faster than bruiser and tank. So in the end this will benefit all akali builds relatively the same but gives edge to assassins with only 1 resitance item. (zhonya, veil) Which is what you generally want to build on Akali if you are going for that playstyle. In conclusion with these 2 levers (% of damage done instead of flat based on stats) and %vamp based on offesive stats. You can fine tune a heal to the point where it's fair, feels good to play with or against and benefits fighting low resitance targets (mid laners) over melee range higher resitance targets (top laners). I don't want it on live servers ASAP but I would apreciate if we start testing it in PBE ASAP. Give it a few patches in PBE tune it make everyone happy.

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