The new Morgana looks good, but...

Morgana survived all these years and now finally it is her turn (even if it is with Kayle) to receive an update. For organization purposes, I divided this post in some topics, starting with: Gameplay: Morgana's gameplay was literally the only reason she was still so different from Kayle, and although her kit was not the biggest problem, I at least expected something new or a new passive ability thanks to all the hype over that rework. I separated a suggestion I had about the kit that, for me, would be very good if it could be taken into consideration. The Q (Dark Binding) ability: whenever it hits a target it could automatically recreate the Tormented Soil as a skill, leaving the free W key for a new skill as a dash where Morgana dematerializes into feathers and reappears elsewhere because only Morgana's move speed buff will not be enough for a successful ultimate where she basically needs to walk up to the middle of enemies Visual: Morgana is visually acceptable but I have a doubt about her wings and how they could be visually. To begin with, Morgana's expressions unfortunately do not seem very good to me and this is due to the fact that they are very forced and the pain she feels, all her hurt has always been very beautiful and tragic at the same time and to put such a gallant floor and strong expressions do not seem to match it very much, but that is not the big issue here and it can even be ignored if you prefer. Morgana had so much potential for her robes but her dress is actually quite simple, and it looks like all the details were reserved for her bodice; however, in game the character barely has waist to be shown, leaving a view only of big breasts (because of the style of the dress) and a bland purple skirt About the doubt I had in question about Morgana is related to her great wings fallen on the ground. Why does Kayle need to level up to have four wings and Morgana already starts with them? Following this logic, would not it make sense that only during her ultimate rise it is possible for her to have the four, maybe even six wings? Last thread is her skins: Still talking about Morgana's wings and dresses, my feedback on this is just that she has more varieties. Several of her beautiful and great dresses like Blackthorn and Bewitching were left out with this classic skin new format and lost their effects (the falling leaves, trailing roots and purple smoke). On the other hand, some fairer dresses worked just like the Ghost Bride and Lunar Wraith but the fallen wings put an end to the concept. In Ghost Bride, Morgana is the spirit of a tormented human so her wings would not be necessary, and she could replace them with a long Ghost Bride veil The thing I loved the most about the Lunar Wraith was that Morgana had no wings but those sculptures but now it is the moon's spectrum of a wolf but ... with ... bird wings? Would not it be possible to return them like they were before and only upgrade? my first feedback! <:D thanks for your commitment to Morgana and Kayle and I really hope u will consider my feedback as well {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} PS: PLZ RIOT FIX THAT GHOST BRIDE SPINE {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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