For all of you who fail to understand this simple thing and complain about QUEUE TIMES

PBE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HOST THAT MANY PEOPLE. PBE is supposed to store only a few people Just to test the game mode. Let's that number is 10000. If 10000 people log in to pbe riot is happy that people test it. The rest of you SIMPLY CANT JOIN. You need to wait for some of those 10000 people to log out so that you can log in with the correct priority. Stop bitching about it cause nothing is gonna happen. For those saying that riot should make a new test server: why the fuck should they? TFT is coming on live servers in 4 days. It would take them 1 day to make the server. So you want them to make a new server just so that you could play that mode 3 days earlier? For those saying: "Why riot let us create acounts if we cant log in": It was because riot didnt expect so many people to want to try tft Finally, most of you dont even care about testing the game. You just want to have fun with an under test mode. I bet you dont even know how to report a bug. If you really want to provide your opinion for impovement of the game mode just watch one of the many people that stream tft. Long story sort: STOP BITCHING!
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