My thoughts on the current update on Ahri.

Well, I like it. Its not broken or to weak. Its hits good on the middle ground. Ahri's new passive, Vastayan Grace. I have to admit. I like the sound better than Essence Theft. The passive is nice, thought kinda feels a bit slow considering the spells need to hit first in order to gain the ms. So Ahri has to proactively strike first to take the most advantage to this. Its not just use the spell and run. I kinda like and adds quite a bit of skill to the champion. The passive on Orb of Deception. Unlike the previous version. I like this one whole lot better. Where its the same style on charging the old passive. But it can be only proc by Q. I also like how the icon changes to indicate the passive is ready. The Fox-Fire changes I do like. while keeping the aspect of the last version where the fox fires is more reliable and not keeping the long delay to farm. I like this very much. The charm. Getting a bonus 20% damage to Ahri's abilities is nice. Allowing more charm assassinations when needed. Along with the nerfs to the base damages of E and R, helps to keep the extra damage in check where Ahri isn't doing way to much.
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