Games played counter

So recently i wanted to check how many hours i have spent on league of legends via the website that checks riot api and calculates time based on games played. Since that does not work because of changed policies i wanted to make a suggestion to riot to make an alternative tab in client that tracks all lost and won games for every single game mode, if that takes too much space on the system to work it would be great if it was categorized into something like - Fun game modes w/l , all normal game ques 3v3 and 5v5 and aram and then ranked Flex 5v5, flex 3v3 and soloque - normal games that are either draft or blind pick would go under the same category of normal 5v5. It should be a chart so it stays nice and simple and easy to manage and update. As a huge fan of league of legends i invest a lot of time into the game and i would LOVE to check how many games i have played once in a while. I am pretty sure that many other people would love to check their games played and know that its also their business to have the rights to see games played!
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