So Hold the Phone Here re: Infiltrator Irelia v. Frostblade Recall Animations

So, Frostblade Irelia is currently her only 1350 skin, though it was 975 when I bought it. Infiltrator was and remains a 975 skin. I get that all this time, it's been a 750 skin in terms of what it brings to the table. That said, what in the world - why does Infiltrator have a unique recall animation but Frostblade doesn't? I don't care if they both have particles/sounds/etc. The fact remains that there isn't a modern-made (YEAH, I'M NOT COUNTING STUFF IN OLD FROSTBLADE STATUS - AKA SKINS LIKE WKJ4 AND WK XIN ZHAO THAT GOT UPDATED PRICES BUT NOT NEW FEATURES) 1350 skin that doesn't have at minimum a new recall. So what gives, Riot?
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