LeBlanc's disappointing Particles - Placeholders or Final?

Base: https://youtu.be/KM_fUvSB7xc?t=42s Ravenborn: https://youtu.be/FN64bUiikX8?t=1m Elderwood: https://youtu.be/XkI2bdfTNuA?t=1m24s Do you see those gorgeous particles? **The sparkles and shattering mirror particles on the base skins when she Q's and W's.** **The Rotating Raven Q and the Feathers when she W's, the E was even animated to flash greenish to dark blue!** **The completely modeled Lotus when she Q's and the blossoms when she W's.** An overwhelming number in the LeBlanc Mains community on Reddit implore you to simply update the old FX that existed before. The Current LeBlanc W and E particles can stay, but the Q mark and **extra** 'flashy' particles like shattering mirrors, feathers and the blossoms when she finishes a W should be reinstated. Please Riot, these particles we have right now on LeBlanc are such a let down from such a huge company, we as a community of your game need to hold you accountable when you disappoint us - and right now the current LeBlanc particles on PBE are insanely lazy and don't fit LeBlanc's 'aristocratic' and shimmering gold theme. Reconsider your choices and bring old particles back with minor changes to make them work in the modern day.
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