Morgana VU looks AMAZING, BUT this would be the cherry on top

Hello, I'm a support main and also a {{champion:25}} main with currently over 300K mastery points on Morgana on my main yet Unranked account (not for long). I'd like to start by taking this opportunity to thank Riot for {{champion:25}}'s Visual Update. I'm quite happy with how it is turning out to be and all the splashes look gorgeous but there was a "minor worry" that well.... worried me and it turned into a big disappointment just today. What worried me is that Exiled {{champion:25}} splashart showed her handling **dark magic. ** Me and I suspect that many other Morgana players expected that with the rework we'd get our only chance to have a **Red Q, a bloody W, a reddish E shield and a red chains on her Ult.** But my suspicion was confirmed today by RiotMEMEMEMEME on a Morgana mains thread that stated that the reason it will keep the base particles is "to try to keep parity with what the previous skins had". We know that wasn't the case for recently reworked skin like the Infernal Akali. Even older skins like Lightsbane Karthus has particles to match the skin too, River spirit nami even has an amazing recall. With Exiled {{champion:25}} being one of my favourite skins of hers and having waited for this day for so long to find this was truly disapointing despite having loved the voice, lore, the barely untouched kit so far. Is it still possible to chance her dark purplish particles of Exiled Morgana to red particles while she is still on PBE before the official launch in 2 weeks the same way {{champion:10}} is still getting a better looking armor? Don't let us fallen angels get the shorter end of the stick. Please Riot, I beg you {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} "You too will be judged." ~Morgana Hex
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