Team Builder Update

Greetings everyone, Today we're excited to show you a few quality of life changes we have planned for the Team Builder experience. While most of our efforts recently have been behind the scenes (like addressing queue times and matchmaking improvements) this patch we have two changes improving the usability of the system. 1. Your last played spec (Champion, Position, and Role) now auto-populates when you start a new Team Builder match. This information is also saved across multiple play sessions. 2. Both Captains and their premade Buddies can now change their spec all the way up until the group is actually searching for Solos. (Previously, all selections would be locked in as soon as the Captain started speccing Solo slots.) EDIT: As a reminder, Team Builder is enabled on the PBE from 1-5pm PDT on Mon/Wed and 3-7pm CET on Tues/Thurs
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