Why not make Nidalee's spear AD?

With Nidalee's ult now available at level 1, AP Nidalee would have access to a perfectly viable damage spell, and landing a spear would remain very rewarding since it would allow you to catch up and maul them to death. Also, AD Assassin Nidalee would be viable. Poke your opponent down with spears, then jump in and execute with auto attacks and Takedown. It would eliminate the zero risk seige playstyle, and keep both a mobile bursty-bruiser build (ap) and the mobile kiting assassin build that live AP Nidalee does when she's not in siege mode. Also, it makes more sense to have the spears based on physical strength and the shapeshifted damage based on the magic stat. And as a plus, we'd *finally* have a woman AD assassin, and if you changed the heal to scale off max health to reinforce the ap bruiser build, there would be another female champion with a max-health scaling ability (the current female-male ratio regarding max health scaling abilities is 3 to 14, I just looked it up).

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