[feedback] Rageblade is kinda busted.

It doesn't really matter which ranged champion you stick it on, I don't think I've seen a single team win for two or three days that wasn't building a rageblade hypercarry. Any of the ADC's or Nidalee are fine carriers for the thing so there's variations (Wild/Rangers/Gunslingers/Nobles etc) but it is always "Build Rageblade on a 1-2$ ranged champion, get them to 2-3*, shove them in a corner so they can't get killed at the start of the round." Blitzcrank can disrupt this a little bit but not reliably. Glacial or assassins works until level 6-7 when the hypercarry is completely surrounded on all sides two allies deep. But in the end, Rageblade will always win. Strongly consider nerfing this item, it's the only item that feels broken currently and I think you won't have to adjust the ADC's as much if you just deal with the rageblade abuse. It makes the carosel a joke because no one cares about what champions are on it, it's all about who can snipe the recurve bows.
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