Sejuani changes are half good and half dumb

I am an ex-Sejuani main so I am very interested in what you're doing here. The good; AP ratios on W and E to open up build variety she was sorely lacking. Sejuani is currently _forced_ into a very stiff build path and it definitely makes playing her incredibly dull in addition to the rework's flat gameplay. The bad; removing the lockout on jungle monsters for Permafrost. Sejuani does not need nor should she get a faster clear; tanks are the best scaling jungle picks by an immense margin and giving an already decently threatening champion in the early game the ability to clear her camps as quick as she is able to on PBE will be too strong. In addition, this change adds heaps of damage to epic monsters, especially if Sejuani has another melee ally to keep stacking her E for her. Objective control/objective taking is **NOT** Sejuani's niche and she should not be intruding on the tanks who are meant to be doing that. {{champion:20}} {{champion:31}} Instead, please lower her new W AP ratios by a small amount (5-10%) and in return, make it magic damage again. Seeing a Sej with oodles of AP but having to build armor to counter her AP scaling _physical_ damage spell will be counter-intuitive both for Sejuani and her enemies. Thanks for reading, please consider.

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