Runic Affinity & Secret Stash - mastery talk

The new cunning tree includes two of the old masteries: Runic Affinity and Secret Stash. Is there a reason why we have to pick between these two rather situational masteries? Sure the stash comes in hand during the early game where potions (biscuits) heal a bit more but unless you specifically buy a flask that remains majority of the game, it's rather insignificant bonus. It also binds the player to spend money on potions to have any effect. I hope it gets replaced by something not so situational. The runic affinity is pretty much just for junglers. I don't see why anyone else would get it except maybe with the Rift Herald being introduced the top laner could get it. But why should he? The jungler is gonna pick it anyways and wants the buff for himself... This mastery is there to just take up a slot for a potentially better alternative. The problem is that these two masteries are too specific. As an adc I wouldn't necessarily want either of them due to having lifesteal and me not getting jungle buffs often enough to make a difference. I think they should be replaced by something that can be useful on ANY champion regardless of role (much like the other tier 1 keystone masteries of other mastery trees). ___ Also if someone from Riot is reading, can you clarify the term "keystone mastery". Is it referring to all the one point masteries or just the final mastery tier?
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