Ghost Bride Morgana Wings/Dress Accent Comments

I posted on twitter "Comments on Ghost Bride Morgana. There are inconsistencies between the model and the splash art. The model has a very awkward black dress tail asset while the splash art is lacking this asset. Please alter to make the two more cohesive together." [Ghost Bride Morgana Splash Art]( [Ghost Bride Morgana Model]( The biggest thing here is the difference between the long black dress tail accent. I'm curious as to this addition. It looks very awkward and contrasts greatly with the dress. I'm realizing now those are potentially intended to be her wings? If so, there is some visual clarity needed. I'm not sure what is needed to do this, but the dress accent/wings? are not represented in the splash art but are central to Morgana's identity so I request the splash art is altered to accommodate the wings/dress accent. Side comment: I own the ghost bride skin, and I'm not thrilled by the update. I can't put my finger on it, but something seems off. I hope others may contribute to this disccusion.
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