Two clients (PBE and Live) at the same time?

Hello there! I could always be online on PBE and Live-Server simultaniously because i had the 2 seperate clients open. A few days ago i got the client update on PBE and i could still keep both open at the same time. Now i also got the new client on Live and since then i cant have 2 clients open anymore. So everytime i open the Live-Client and i was last logged in with my pbe-Account on the other client it just tells me this is not available and i have to log out. So since the new clients i can only be only with one account at a time. I need to log-out and log-in again, always need to retype my username and password because i cant press remember me because i want to play on pbe insted of live and vice versa. Is there a solution planned for PBE-Players or can i do something so i wont have to retype everything everytime i want to switch accounts?
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