ARURF / Sylas opinions

after testing ARURF , let me just say you guys did great with the updates, very fun ... and in previous URF modes i used to be terrified of facing Teemo or Karthus or many other OP champs, this time , ARURF seems to be balanced, your champ is as good as you are and as good your tactics and builds are, very well done, also the Cannons, very fun mode. as for Sylas, i tyred him both normal and ARURF mode, the W is a bit over done, maybe a little nerf on it, i faced off with Malphyte face to face and abused the W, hit for hit, i won the battle , i believe its a bit over powered, keeping in mind that every Ability hit procs your passive as well... i donnu, my opinion, i mean i always had in mind facing off against Sylas with such a powerful W, not something i want haha... anyways i wanted to say thanks to the team for the great work, bugs i reported have been fixed in less 48 hours... looking forward for the new season

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