It's time to take TFT away and bring back the URF!

Rito please for once listen to your base. I know you said you're gonna bring ARURF back sometime this year. Believe me, you can't take away TFT and bring back our beloved ARURF fast enough. Bring it back, with a few tweaks if you must, to make it less of a toxic environment. you can do this riot. The mew mew, woof woof, was a cool idea, not many liked it though. Do something along that line. The cannon was a great addition. Make it fun. JUST DON'T hail TFT as an alternative, I'd play that thing if I wanted to be put to sleep. extremely annoying and boring. I bought the spatula club thing for arurf last time in a heartbeat, capitalize on that instead of Eternals lmao. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.[]
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